Several key documents detailing the state of the city of Ottawa, opportunities for action, a Theory of Change, and the outcomes of various events that have emerged from this project. Get the background info, see who’s been involved, and generally get caught up on the project and our plans from the items below.

Stage 1 – Getting Started

State of the City Report
Prepared by Ecology Ottawa, this report laid the foundation for meaningful work on energy and GHG emissions.

Problem/Opportunity Statement
A collectively developed summary of intended action.

Stakeholder Engagement Report
Big projects need buy-in from many sectors. Stakeholder mapping helps make that happen.

Event Report – Stage 1
Timeline and summary of all events that took place in Stage 1.

Theory of Change Draft
The first iteration of a roadmap to meaningful change.

Stage 1 Final Report
Final report submitted to the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Stage 2 – Organizing for Change

Strategic Action Plan
The final strategic action plan submitted to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and other stakeholders.

Strategy Summary

Visual presentation of governance and strategy structure.

VOLT – Vibrant Ottawa BuiLt Together – ToC Report
A detailed report of the refined Theory of Change produced in Stage 2, including a breakdown of the five pillars and a shared measurement framework.

VOLT – Large Scale Visual
A full-sized graphic rendering of the VOLT Theory of Change.

Building Strong Market Infrastructure for Canada’s Retrofit Economy
Powerpoint layout of carbon reduction goals and required growth of the retrofit market by 2030 & 2050.

Strategic Events & Summits

Social Finance Design Lab
Full-day event co-hosted with Carleton University and social finance expert Dr. Tessa Hebb. Click here to visit the event homepage, or download the overview documents below.

Strategy Summit
Major full-day event at Ottawa City Hall, designed to maximize community and stakeholder input into a refine and actionable Theory of Change. Click here to visit the event page, or download the overview below.

Accelerating to Zero: Green Building Summit
Co-hosted with CaGBC with input from the City of Ottawa, an overview of how City policy creates opportunity and how innovation in buildings can take advantage of those opportunities. Click here to visit the event home page.

Ottawa’s High Performance Development Standard for New Buildings

Public Info Session

Slideshow from City of Ottawa’s Public Consultation and Info Session on HPDS

HPDS Site Plans Tier 1-3

3-Tiered Plan Standards for New Building Developments

HPDS Subdivision Plan

2-Tiered Plan for New Subdivision Developments

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