Are you associated with the City of Ottawa and/or Energy Evolution?

The short answer is yes! The longer answer is that there are numerous interconnections between Ottawa Energy Collective and the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution program. Various OEC steering committee members sit on the Energy Evolution sounding board, and City of the Ottawa staff participate in the OEC Leadership Team and various events. City staff have spoken at OEC events and contributed to the documents and body of knowledge the collective has built. We aim to collaborate so that OEC can help fulfill the goals of Energy Evolution, from a community-based perspective. However, we remain separate organizations and OEC does not report directly to the City of Ottawa.

Where does your funding come from?

The initial funding for the Collective Impact process that started OEC came from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a major funder of community and sustainability groups across the province. We have also received grants and in-kind support from the Tamarack Institute, the McConnell Foundation, and the Ottawa Community Foundation. Our partner groups have both contributed funds and received funds from the collective, and as a result, we have received funding from the City of Ottawa, and the Ottawa Climate Action Fund as well. Some of our events have raised funds through ticket sales, and our Social Finance working group continues to explore impact investment and other forms of funding for the groups and the work we do.

What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact is a way for large, diverse groups of stakeholders to come together to tackle large, complicated problems. It is not merely a new process that supports the same social sector solutions but an entirely different model of social progress. The power of collective impact lies in the heightened vigilance that comes from multiple organizations looking for resources and innovations through the same lens, the rapid learning that comes from continuous feedback loops, and the immediacy of action that comes from a unified and simultaneous response among all participants.

Do you directly fund home retrofits?

For the most part, no. The role of the collective is to help connect the dots and address issues that are becoming roadblocks on a system level. We might support a few pilot projects, case studies, and the like, but we don’t generally provide funding for individual retrofits. That being said, some of our members might be able to help you navigate other programs that we do. We’d suggest contacting EnviroCentre for help with anything home energy-related.

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