Pillar 1: Existing Buildings

Current Projects

Future Homes Ottawa

The Ottawa Energy Collective is collaborating with EnviroCentre to support their Future Homes Ottawa (FHO) initiative. FHO is a pilot project intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of neighbourhood-driven deep energy retrofits on Ottawa Homes.

Future Homes Ottawa will raise community awareness around deep retrofits, improve the supports in place for homeowners who want to complete a retrofit, and support the creation of neighbourhood demonstration projects. Over three phases, the FHO project will (1) develop an effective Ottawa-based residential retrofit strategy, (2) implement successful retrofits on select demonstration homes, and (3) scale their methodology to residential buildings across Ottawa.

The main project goals are the following:

  • Provide residents with the information and support to improve the energy efficiency of their homes in two pilot neighbourhoods
  • Build community awareness, resident engagement, and neighbourhood participation in the project
  • Plan and implement demonstration projects to feature innovative technologies for home energy efficiency on common home types in the region
  • Increase homeowner demand and trades capacity to build a strong retrofit economy in Ottawa
Get Involved!

We are always in need of contributions from stakeholders to make projects like these a success. If you are interested in being a collaborator please get in touch with mandy.wilson@envirocentre.ca. Below is a list of stakeholder groups whose collaboration could be especially impactful:

  • Industry experts & associations
  • Neighbourhood community and social development organizations or groups
  • Green construction/Home renovation professionals and trades representatives
  • Energy efficiency professionals
  • Retrofit materials, equipment suppliers or manufacturers
  • Official and unofficial partners in delivery
  • Phase 1 – Development: 2021

    • Engage communities and residents
    • Build capacity
    • Lay groundwork
  • Phase 2 – Implementation: 2022-2023

    • Implement projects
    • Grow regional capacity
    • Scale communications approaches
    • Marketing and promotion
  • Phase 3 – Scale: 2023+

    • Apply and expand what works

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