Pillar 3: Stakeholder Engagement

Current Projects

Random Acts of Green Partnership

The Ottawa Energy Collective has entered into a partnership with Random Acts of Green (RAOG) – an app that lets users log their “green acts”, compete against other members in their area, and redeem points from those logged acts towards discounts from participating businesses. In this collaboration, RAOG has created a group specifically for Ottawa residents and added five new acts around deep energy retrofits that users can complete and earn points for. These new acts include:

  1. Installing a smart thermostat
  2. Insulating your attic
  3. Getting a home energy assessment
  4. Installing a heat pump
  5. Installing energy efficient windows

Each of these acts has a description in the app and some have information on where to find additional resources.

The main goal of this project is to boost citizen demand for deep energy retrofits. In support of that goal, we are launching a Race to Retrofit Challenge from November 15th to 19th during which RAOG, OEC, and members of the collective like other environmental NGO representatives will be using their outreach channels to raise the public profile of the new Ottawa group and increase the number of group members. In addition, the outreach effort will highlight the energy-related acts and boost the visibility of the OEC website along with our many resources that can be used by group members to successfully complete those acts. We are also looking to recruit a number of key stakeholders to join our campaign and reach out to their audiences in support of this partnership.

If you are interested in this initiative, you can download the Random Acts of Green app on Android or iOS today! Make sure to enter the group code OTTAWA to join your fellow citizens in spurring a community-led push for deep energy retrofits.

If you are a business leader, politician, activist, or someone with a raised public profile who is interested in supporting this project, please reach out to us at ottawaenergycollective@gmail.com to find out how you can best use your platform to promote this collaboration and multiply your impact.

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